Mac moody blooms eyeshadow picks! Deep fixation and artistic license

mac moody blooms eyeshadows deep fixation artistic license

Mac moody blooms eyeshadow deep fixationMac artistic license eyeshadow moody blooms collectionmac artistic license and deep fixation eyeshadow moody blooms collectionmac artistic license and deep fixation eyeshadow moody bloomsHello guys! today I have a couple of eyeshadows from the Mac Moody Blooms collection which it has 6 in total but I only pick a couple of them (deep fixation and artistic license)   that I thought I would give a lot of use and the most gorgeous in my opinion… I didn’t want the greens of purples as they normally just sit in my makeup drawers, so I tried to be more careful this time and choose only things I’m 100% sure I would use a lot  :)

Deep fixation, this was the very first one I set my eyes on, it’s a gorgeous medium tone brown with a lot of red on it and Veluxe Pearl finish! very very pigmented and soft.

Artist License is a pretty peachy gold, it reminds me a lot to Nars ‘orgasm’ blush, it could easily be Nars ‘orgasm’ eyeshadow really hehehe! It also a Veluxe Pearl. Very pigmented and almost duo chrome, it’s so pretty and it looks amazing in the inner corner of the eyes.

I’m really happy with my picks both colours are very easy to use and they would definitely be gorgeous on any skin tone in my opinión, they have a metallic finish but nothing to horribly shimmery. The pigmentation is excellent and they last a long time on my lids as long as I have a good primer. Whilst writing this review I was thinking … what else do I say about these… and honestly there is nothing more to say really LOL they are really good, gorgeous colours, the only bad thing is that they are limited edition! why mac?

Have you pick anything from Moody Blooms? Tell me about your picks!
Big hugs xxx

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Hola Hola! hoy vengo con un par de sombras de la colección Moody blooms de Mac! La colección tiene 6 sombras pero decidí irme por las que realmente les daría mas uso y pues las mas hermosas en mi opinión jejeje!

Empecemos! primero tenemos Deep fixation! definitivamente la primera en la que puse mis ojos! es un marrón con sub tonos rojos, muy muy pigmentada y súper suave con acabado ‘Veluxe Pearl’ las cuales son mas que todo metálicas.

Artist License por otro lado es un lindo melocotón muy claro con tonos dorados, me recuerda a mucho al colorete de nars ‘Orgasm’, podría decir que es la versión sombra jejeje! También con acabado ‘Veluxe Pearl’, queda preciosa en el area cerca del lagrimal.

Estoy muy feliz con mis ‘picks’ ejejeje! ambos son colores muy favorables para cualquier persona, son metálicos pero sin ser horrorosamente brillantes o shimmer, la pigmentación es excelente y duran un montón en mis párpados previamente preparados con un buen primer :D al escribir esta review estaba pensando… pero bueno que mas digo de estas sombras… la verdad es que no tengo nada malo que decir de ellas, solo que son edición limitada! (¿porque Mac?! ) son honestamente excelentes! valen la pena ; )

¿Has comprado algo de la colección Moody blooms? Cuéntame tus favoritos :D
Un abrazo enorme!! xxx

Mac moody blooms lipstick picks!

Mac moody blooms lipsticksmac moody blooms lipsticks moody bloom phosphorescsent pheromonal reviewmac moody blooms review and swatchesMac moody blooms lipsticks swatchesmac moody blooms lipstick swatchesmac moody bloom pheromonal sheen supreme lipstick review swatchesmac moody blooms phosphorescent sheen supreme lipstick swatchesHello! I hope you having a great day! Today I have a few lipsticks to show you from the Mac moody blooms collection which from the promo pictures seems to be very much inspired by an exotic jungle and flowers! hehe! it has lots of green, brown and gold tones on it, definitely not the typical summer collection for me but I think is what it makes it really interesting and cool :)

The collection has 6 lipsticks in total, I have 3 today to show you; they are all  ‘sheen supreme’ a finish or type of mac lipsticks that I haven’t tried before but that I’ve been very interested in (on the fence about…) as it seems to be hit and miss in the beauty community. If you haven’t heard about them before they are supposed to be a type of hybrid – lipstick / gloss product. The packaging is also a little bit different, it comes in a glossy cylindric tube  but with the same vanilla scent than others Mac lipsticks.

I like the sheen supremes, I find them very soft and I like the glossiness they provided without being sticky, they feel a little bit like a gel on the lips. They aren’t very long-lasting, just about 2-3 hours and take a few layers to make it completely opaque on the lips and in the process they could look a little bit patchy… which it takes a little extra work to make them look even (annoying!), it settles on the lip lines but is not really noticeable in ‘real life’… in the close up pictures looks 10 times worst! The colours in this collection are very pretty my favourite is Pheromonal! Moody bloom is very pretty and unique, it actually reminds me of Liquer, a lipglass from the ‘Indulge’ collection from last year (you can see swatches here. Phosphorescent is lovely but I wanted it to be a little bit more coral on me… it looks really pink on my lips, still pretty! :)

And that’s all for today! Have you seen / check this collection yet? Let me know!
Big hugs ! xx

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Hola hola! ¡Espero que estés super bien! El día de hoy tengo unas cuantas cositas de la colección Moody blooms de Mac! La cual por las fotos promocionales parece estar inspirada en una jungla exotica! ejeje! con colores verdes, marrones, doradosMejor dicho! :D no es la típica colección de verano pero creo que es lo que la hace más interesante :) y bueno sin más demora pasemos a ver las fotos :)

La colección tiene 6 labiales ‘sheen supreme‘ un acabado que no he probado antes pero del que es estado súper curiosa ya que muchas personas parecen amarlo y otras odiarlo, básicamente son labiales pigmentados pero con acabado brillante como si tuvieras gloss, algo así como combinación labial / gloss en un solo tubito.

Las diferencias entre ‘sheen supreme‘ y los demás labiales de Mac no van solo en la formula sino también en el empaque el cual es cilíndrico y brillante – el aroma si es el típico vainilla de Mac :) De los 6 tengo 3, Moody Bloom, Pheromonal y phosphorescent.

Me gustan los sheen supremes, son muy suaves y brillantes pero para nada pegajosos! No son los mas duraderos, tan solo de 2-3 horas y toca pasar varias capas para que el color quede opaco… otra cosita molesta es que se queda en las lineas de los labios, se ve peor en mis fotos pero no tan notable en la vida real. Los colores de esta colección son súper bonitos! mi favorito es Pheromonal, el mas único definitivamente Moody blooms, tiene unos destellos dorados preciosos! casi me recuerda a ‘liquer‘ un lipglass de la colección ‘Indulge’ del año pasado. Phosphorescent es lindo pero quería que se viera un poco más melocotón pero igual es un rosado muy bonito y universal :)

Y eso es todo por hoy chicas! Has visto los labiales de la colección ‘Moody Blooms’?

Un abrazo! xx

Charlotte Tilbury beach sticks review and swatches

charlotte tilbury beach sticks review and swatches

charlotte tilbury beach sticks review and swatches ibiza moon beach formenteraHola Hola!!

I was really trying to avoid checking the new beach sticks from Charlotte Tilbury because even without knowing how they would look like I already wanted them ALL… O_O

I mean they are ‘lip to cheek dewy colour pops’ with lots of goodies for your skin that will transform you instantly in a summer goddess! hahaha! I’M SOLD!

There are described in Charlotte’s website as…

“NEW! Cheat your way to a look of endless summer, all year round with Beach Sticks, part of my Easy Makeup in a Minute range. I have bottled your holiday summer glow – the happy, healthy, rested, youthful glow, that only a week at the beach can give you. Simply apply Beach Sticks to your lips and cheeks for a pop of dewy, youthful colour in one effortless stroke of these easy, twist-up colour sticks. The five shades are inspired by the unique lighting, golden sands & bronzed goddesses of Ibiza. Moon Beach is a luminous, rose-gold, 70’s inspired iridescent peach, inspired by the mesmerising light of Moon Beach.”

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St Tropez self tan luxe dry oil review

st tropez self tan luxe dry oil

Hi guys I hope you are ok, I’m very sorry for the lack of posts the last few days, my only excuse is the usage of free time watching the world cup :P can’t help but I love a football match specially now that Colombia finally made it after SO long! haha! Anyway! Apologies aside, today I wanted to share a new self tan product from St Tropez that has got me interested for a little while and it’s the new St Tropez Self tan luxe dry oil!
The company description is:

“An indulgent dry oil that provides a natural-looking, streak-free, golden tan that lasts for up to 10 days. This Brazilian inspired, non-greasy Dry Oil is the most luxurious tan yet for the ultimate natural-looking golden glow. It lasts up to 10 days, contains a 100 percent natural tanning agent suitable for all skintone, and features a 100 percent natural fragrance for no tell tale self tan aroma. Ultrahydrating and easy to use, it promotes a beautiful, streak-free finish.  It doesn’t have parabens, sulfates or phthalates.”

Enough to get anybody interested right?? :)

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Dior Amber 002 illuminating powder review and swatches

Dior transat collection illuminating powder amber 002

Hola Hola guys! I hope you are having a wonderful weekend! As promised, today I have a little review about the beautiful ‘Dior Instant illuminating powder in amber 002 from the Transat collection summer 2014′! Let’s have a look!

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Dior Summer 2014 haul! Transat collection!

Hi guys I hope you are doing super great! Today I wanted to share a few items from the new Dior summer collection that I purchased in the last few weeks, I hope you don’t mind, I think this is the first time I do a post haul rather than a proper review and since I enjoy so much reading that type of post here it goes mine hehe!

Dior transat dior skin highlighter summer 2014The first thing I set my eyes on was the beautiful Dior skin nude tan Golden shimmer powder! I mean is just SOOOO pretty! I think I saw it first over at mostly sunny’s blog (please follow that lovely blog if you aren’t already ^^ ) and I knew I had to pick it up! I thought it was available at Selfridges but when I saw it was sold out I nearly cry… (well, not really but you what I mean haha!) so I was so happy when became available at boots and as today was still in stock! So if you want it please run because is limited edition! Continue reading

Bobbi Brown foundation stick review

bobbi brown foundation stick review honey 5 bobbi brown foundation stickHi guys! I hope you are having a wonderful week! I recently pick up the Bobbi Brown Foundation Stick, I think this has been around for a while but recently it has been re launched with a new improved formulation. I know a lot of you are huge fans of Bobbi Brown products and I specially  love the ‘skin foundation spf 15′ but wanted to try this one as is supposed to offer a little bit more coverage. So let’s get into the review! : ) Continue reading

Mac alluring aquatic lipsticks! Mystical and Goddess of the sea

MAC alluring aquatic lipsticks swatches

Hi guys! I hope you are having a wonderful week! I’ve been quite lazy lately and not being posting as often as I would like to but had a little more family and organisation ‘time’ and also took some time to take lots of pictures… but anyways today I have a couple of lipsticks from the new Mac summer collection “Alluring Aquatic” – there weren’t many swatches online which made it a little bit difficult to choose the items I wanted it, so at the end I just went for two ‘safe’ options, lipsticks always are! hehe!

First of all let me just mentioned about the packaging, this collection comes is a lovely teal colour and little water droplets that you can actually feel, such a cool ideal for a summer collection! : )

Hola Hola! Espero que estés teniendo una semana super linda! yo por mi parte he estado super flojis con el blog pero he pasado unas semanas llena de organización y tiempo en familia… ah y también con muchos problemas con el internet pero bueno ! jeje! Hoy les quiero mostrar un par de labiales de la colección “Alluring Aquatic” de Mac, al principio se me hizo muy difícil escoger, ya que no habían muchos ‘swatches’ en la web, pero me atreví y me fui por la opción fácil… dos labiales! los labiales siempre son las cositas que nos llaman ¿no les parece?

Primero que todo quería mencionar sobre el empaque de esta colección! me gusta muchísimo, se han ido con todo un tema acuático, con color verde azulado y ‘gotitas’ plástica que se sienten cuando las tocas, super bonito! Continue reading